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Analysis of the technical difficulties of LED outdoor small spacing

Reliability and durability
The rise of the outdoor surface mount outdoor LED screen into a high-speed development stage, but its development is not Everything is going smoothly. The huge market temptation, coupled with the lack of industry standards, in the interests of the drive, the price war led to the market once fell into chaos. For surface mount products, the key factor lies in the choice of packaging, especially for small outdoor space, is very high for reliability requirements.
Outdoor full-color patch package device is mainly reliability and weather resistance. In the test of rigorous outdoor conditions to ensure the waterproof performance is strong, the color effect is excellent, anti UV, resist corrosion problems.
Since the emergence of surface mount products, there has been a debate about the reliability, but after years of experiment and improvement process, the reliability has been greatly improved. But the LED display for outdoor applications, to deal with all kinds of extreme weather, it is particularly important to the reliability and durability. At the same time, the need to adapt to the outdoors for a long time, high intensity of work.
In the reliability of the solution, the majority of packaging manufacturers have come up with their own solutions, from the technical level to tackle key problems, has made considerable progress. Although reliability is still a difficult problem in the promotion of outdoor small spacing, but in the future, LED outdoor small spacing in terms of reliability will have a very big upgrade.
Signal transmission problems and security protection
Outdoor table material selection is a small outdoor LED display screen to promote a major technical problem. How to select the appropriate form of the material to be able to adapt to the needs of small outdoor space, this need to continue to study. For downstream LED display production enterprises, the main technical difficulties faced by small outdoor space are two: signal transmission problems and security issues.
One is self scanning transmission and control technology. Single line transmission -- no flat cable, signal distribution technology, get rid of the traditional signal connector solves with the connector loosening caused by signal transmission of undesirable problems. The internal chassis clean, signal power distribution, connected at a glance, to ensure stable and reliable image display. At the same time, the high density display of self scanning bid farewell to the parallel signal remote transmission, increased the intensity of the signal, and enhance the reliability of supply data to increase the display panel in LED display control system function proportion, weakening the intermediate signal conversion link.
Door nano technology, nano technology, with its delicate, ultra-thin, high light transmittance, can on the emitting surface to form a protective layer, dust and rainwater completely isolated outside of the tube core characteristics ensure the automatic filling gaps of the LED package, in order to ensure the door of the adhesive material of the thick degree of, which does not affect the electronic properties, luminescence properties, and the full protection of the luminous body. Nano materials and LED luminous body fine combine to make it in the harsh environment of long-term sunshine and rain, display screen is still able to beautiful as new. Also shows and the surface of the printed circuit board structure, in printed circuit board positive arrangement mount with plastic lead chip carrier package of light emitting diode, in printed circuit board on the back is installed on a drive with other devices, and then the assembly after the completion of the printed circuit board is embedded in the module base on aging, again in printed wiring and between the light emitting diode is filled with nano materials, the formation of pervious waterproof sealing layer so as to form a single piece of printed circuit board structure of a light-emitting diode display protection technology.
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