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LED lamp are made up of some basic components

1 and an insurance tube: abnormal circuit elements (such as component damage and grid voltage is beyond the scope of lead the electric circuit current is too large, the lamp tube is damaged, etc.), broken line between lights and the grid, security will not be on fire, smoke and other dangerous things happen.
2, transistors, inductors, capacitors: determines the service life of the whole lamp, good material can make the lamp normal use 2-3 years, poor used 7-8 months components will be damaged, lamp can not be used (Johnson of the electrolysis is adopted in Zijiang River, it is industry is currently the best electrolysis, triode used is deep love of. It is also industry best students polar tube manufacturers).
3, the three transistor: the role of the switch, to provide high frequency current, the inductor from the current limit, limit the current in a certain range, the electrolysis is stable voltage output.
4, electronic ballast: is a kind of ballast, is refers to the use of electronic technology to drive electric light sources, so as to produce the desired lighting electronic equipment, electronic ballasts can usually be up both the starter function and by increasing the frequency of the current or current waveform (such as a square wave) to improve or eliminate the fluorescent lamp flickering phenomenon; also can be through the inverter of the fluorescent lamp can use DC power supply.
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