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Which kind of O2O is the most suitable for LED lighting industry?

The existing O2O model, a self built platform, also rely on other platforms, have their own play, also play together. But what kind of model is a good business model? I think the core of the business model is to serve the people, only to bring a better experience and service, only to add the existing model is not a good business model.
To bring a good shopping experience to consumers
O2o mode makes full use of the Internet cross regional, no boundary, massive information, the advantages of vast numbers of users, and fully tap the line resources, and thus to facilitate transactions of goods and services online and offline users, buy is the o2o typical representative. For users: do not go out, you can online easily understand the business information and services provided by a comprehensive introduction to, and have been spending customers evaluation can be used for reference; can directly through the network online consultation and communication, reduce cost of sales for customers; and online booking, character customization, service home and so on, customers can get a better shopping experience.
To give consumers a more realistic price
In addition to experience, consumers are more likely to care about the price. O2O advantages because it can directly realize the brand to consumers, reduce intermediate links, cheap, easy to buy, and discount information can be learned in a timely manner. In addition, the use of O2O model greatly expand the sales channels, but also reduce the cost of the business marketing. Save the energy can be in improving the service and improve product quality, increase investment, so that the price of the sale is also a natural advantage.
Innovation to the existing model
The first is a full use of social resources. For example, Uber is a typical example. Allows you to buy a private car ride through the use of mobile phones. Here's how it works: download application Uber, a taxi request; came to a few minutes in a car in front of you (the application can through GPS tracking and positioning of private cars); you can choose to use the private car; also can query each car to you the distance, line running road map; payment and tip via credit card automatically. Although the cost is higher than the price of a taxi, it is more comfortable and faster than a taxi. Obviously it can bring significant innovation to the taxi industry, so it has a strong competitiveness.
Such as purchase LED lighting, consumers are more concerned about the quality, design, installation, after-sales service, such as, if the LED lighting industry by integrating various resources to a one-stop solution, through online appointment, home design, on-site installation business of power industry of "the last kilometer, let the goods delivered to the fastest speed to the hands of consumers, it will be consumers are particularly welcome.
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