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Tell you something about LED light

The radiation energy can be felt, which is equal to the product of the radiation energy of a band in the unit time and the relative apparent rate of the band. Due to the different relative visual rate of the human eye to different wavelengths, the radiation power of different wavelength light is equal, and the light flux is not equal. For example, a 40W incandescent lamp luminous flux for 350-470lm and a 40W fluorescent lamp luminous flux for about 2800 LM is 6-8 times that of incandescent lamps.
[flux illuminance] unit surface receives is called illumination, is used to illustrate the illuminated area (face) on the degree of exposure. Unit: lux (1x) or (Lm/ lumens per square meters). The luminous flux per square meter received is 1 (LM), while the intensity was 1 (1x) lux. For example: a 40W incandescent lamp, the average illumination on the desktop is LX 200-300.
Light source converts electric energy into visible light, that is, the efficiency of the light emitted by the light source per 1W power consumption. Is a description of the optical quality of the light source and economic, it reflects the light source in the unit of energy consumption at the same time the number of radiation emitted light. Unit: lumens per watt (Lm/w).
[color rendering index] a measure of the light source to show the true color of the object. The color rendering index of indoor natural light is 100. The color reproduction of the light source with high color rendering index (0 ~ 100) is close to the natural color.
The light attenuation to lamps lighted 100 hours after measuring the flux value for the initial, relight after 2000 hours measured flux ratio shall not be less than 80%).
[color] when the light emitted by the light source color and black (with complete absorption and emission capability of the standard black objects) under a certain temperature radiation light of the same color, the temperature of the blackbody called the color temperature of the light source.
Power factor is the ratio of the active power and the apparent power of the lamp. The product of the effective value of the voltage and the current in the AC circuit is regarded as the power, and the active power is only part of it. The higher the power factor, the higher the harmonic content of the current, pollution to the power grid, the balance of the power grid, and the increase of reactive power loss.
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