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Turn off traditional light was not better than replace a new LED solar light

Vigorously develop the photovoltaic industry is an important part of the global energy revolution and the country's long-term energy strategy.
At the beginning of the end of 10, Istanbul G20 energy ministers meeting, the energy issue was first put on the agenda, the issue of renewable energy into a higher level of international multilateral arena.
According to the International Renewable Energy Agency statistics, the use and consumption of energy, accounting for 2/3 of global carbon emissions. In order to ensure the global average temperature to the end of the century do not rise more than 2 degrees Celsius, there are at least 164 countries to develop the various forms of renewable energy targets, compared to 2005 figures (43 countries) over 4 times, renewable energy new installed a significant growth in the past three years. In the process of promoting the development of renewable energy, photovoltaic power generation potential is huge, photovoltaic power generation technology has become the most mature, can be large-scale development of renewable energy power generation technology.
The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the development of national economic and social development the thirteenth five-year planning proposals put forward to promote energy revolution, accelerate energy technology innovation and construction of low carbon clean, safe and efficient modern energy system. "45" is in our country to promote the important period of economic transformation, the transformation of energy, system innovation, open technology, will provide a broader space for the development of the photovoltaic industry. "13th Five-Year" is China's energy transformation in the start-up period, provides fundamental support for the development of photovoltaic industry.
Part of the report shows that in 2013, 2014 and the first half of this year, China's new installed capacity of 10.6GW, 11.3GW and 7.73GW, to become the world's largest photovoltaic application market. In June this year, China submitted to the UN Climate Change Secretariat documents in, has officially confirmed the action target for 2020 and 2030, by 2020 China's non fossil energy accounts for primary energy consumption weighs about 15% than, by 2030 this value up to about 20%. This means that to achieve the above objectives, in 2020 China's total PV installed capacity to reach at least 150GW, by 2030, the total PV installed capacity to reach 400GW. And as of the first half of 2015, China's photovoltaic total installed capacity of only 35.78GW, the future average annual growth of more than 20GW space.
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