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The four advantage of install integrate LED solar lamp

As of the end of 9 2015, the national photovoltaic power installed capacity of 37 million 950 thousand kilowatts, of which 31 million 700 thousand kilowatts of photovoltaic power plants, distributed photovoltaic 6 million 250 thousand kilowatts. 1-9 national new photovoltaic power installed capacity of 9 million 900 thousand kilowatts, of which, the new photovoltaic power plant installed capacity of 8 million 320 thousand kilowatts, the new distributed PV installed capacity of 1 million 580 thousand kilowatts. 1-9 month, the national accumulated generating capacity of PV 306 billion kwh, abandoned light power of about 30 billion kwh, abandoned light rate is 10%; abandoned light mainly occurred in Gansu and Xinjiang area. Among them, Gansu Province to abandon the light electricity 17.6 billion kwh, abandoned light rate of 28%, Xinjiang (including the Corps) abandoned electric 10.4 billion kwh, abandoned light rate of 20%.
In the first half of 2015, China's photovoltaic industry continues to show a good momentum of development, the company shipped an upward trend over the same period, the majority of enterprises profitability. Specific performance in the following aspects:
1, the business continued to increase PV
Ministry of information, in the first half of 2015, China's photovoltaic industry grew by 30%. Product prices steady rise, business generally improved. Domestic top 4 polysilicon companies have achieved full production, the first 10 components of the enterprise average gross profit margin over 15%, 29 components into the photovoltaic manufacturing industry norms notice list of enterprises, the average net profit margin increased by 6.5 percentage points.
2, the scale of the industry continues to grow steadily
During the first half of the national output of polysilicon 7.4 million tons, an increase of 15.6%, imports about 6 million tons; silicon production 45 billion, up slightly growth; grew 26.4% battery components production 19.6GW,; wafers, cells and modules, such as major photovoltaic products exports 77 billion dollars. According to preliminary statistics, the first half of the total output value of China's photovoltaic manufacturing industry more than 200 billion yuan.
3, the key technology and technological level continues to improve
To accelerate the development of unit capacity photovoltaic manufacturing industry investment continued to decline, the average energy consumption of polysilicon production continued to decline; backbone enterprises monocrystalline and polycrystalline cell average conversion efficiency has improved, back electrode, heterojunction, at high magnification, the condenser and a variety of technical route; photovoltaic power generation system investment into this dropped to 8 yuan / watt or less, the cost of electricity down to 0.6-0.9 yuan / kWh.
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