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The four advantage of install integrate LED solar lamp

Now is in the work of building a new socialist countryside, new rural construction is to change the old rural infrastructure is poor, poor living environment, the income of the farmers low the improvement, in infrastructure, street demand, especially the capital of farmers' conditions are better, nightlife requirements also gradually improve in nighttime sleep.
Now the lighting project more and more favored by the use of the implementation of the new rural integrated solar street lamp, that is why? But think about lighting technology gives you a brief introduction to the 4 advantages of integrated solar street lamps compared with the traditional lamp and solar street lamps:
1, the price advantage: traditional city lamp circuit at the time of purchase to much cheaper than solar street lamp, but the latter cost is relatively high, such as: replacement of parts, components, electricity, maintenance fee and so on, solar street lights almost no any late fees (except battery are generally replaced a few years). And the integration of solar street lamps and more expensive than ordinary solar street lights.
Hundreds of Dongying, like digging farmers general 2, the construction is simple: traditional city lamp circuit construction is more complex to earth, digging, take place, it is easy to cause the engineering and the villagers of contradiction, is not easy to construction; traditional solar street lamp, although in the construction, the lamp circuit to save a lot of things, but only can, without laying line; the integration of solar energy street lamp can be selected as the traditional solar street lights like digging new buried poles, can also be installed in the existing poles, walls and other support, greatly reduced the construction process, Jining, Linyi lamp is in 3 days of the completion of the construction, the other two street lamps than not.
3, the maintenance is simple: traditional city lamp circuit and solar streetlight maintenance is more complex, need to send people to do a local repair, maintenance process is more complex, if belt parts, a waste of time more, and now many factory after installation are not willing to go to local maintenance; integration of solar energy street lamp only need to remove the cap and send it back to the factory maintenance can be, simple and convenient.
4, energy saving and environmental protection: both traditional solar street lamp or integration of solar energy street lamp energy saving and environmental protection products can not only beautify the rural environment, form a beautiful scenery line, also call the corresponding national "green lighting", can guide the rural people's awareness of energy conservation, in one fell swoop purposes.
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