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Which kind of O2O is the most suitable for LED lighting industry?

Sponsored by the Hongkong Trade Development Council HKTDC 2015 Hongkong International Spring Lighting Fair held in April 7th -10, a total of 1250 companies from 12 countries participating, the number of the most previous. In addition to China, Japan, Korea and other exhibition frequent visitor, this is the first time in Germany, Russia, Hungary, Holland, the United Kingdom lighting manufacturers.
Reporters learned through visits, many manufacturers of industrial lighting areas a great interest, which once again confirms the ledinside analysts had estimated, namely within the next few years, the field will have increased significantly, especially in 2015-2016 industrial lighting market will be the focus of LED package and lighting manufacturers to compete with.
In addition, smart home lighting is also a hot topic on the show. Such as South Korea K power brought a very interesting music Christmas lights, with 16 million kinds of colors and a variety of musical forms, LED lights on the Christmas tree according to the different rhythm, volume and blinking, easy manufacturing strong festive atmosphere.
In the big names gathered in the name of the light of the corridor, the United States UL and Star Energy certification can be seen everywhere, this is not the previous exhibition. In particular, the North American government to push the energy star (Star Energy) certification subsidies, to further promote the development of LED lights, for many Chinese manufacturers, the North American market is still the most important.
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