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LED lamp are made up of some basic components

"The street light is on! Through the front door of the street!" Recently, Abas Nanxiong City Town Village of SiCl leads to six villages 75 solar street lights all installation is completed and formally put into use. "Village with the street lamp, the without worry about going out in the evening, wrestling, at night, we also can like the city people the same fitness walking, holding the child out yo bent." 70 year old Aunt Wang stood in the street laughing.
It is understood that the Ben village is under the provincial poverty village, 306 villagers have 1246 people, including 28 poor households. Due to the village economic foundation is weak, the trunk road of village of street and there has been no street lamps, the villagers go out worked the fields often go home in the dark, in particular, to catch up with the rain, the villagers travel is more inconvenient, there are certain security risk management.
A new round of poverty alleviation and development, double to work after the start, by the Shaoguan municipal government office, radio and Television University hang point helping the village. To live a good day, living environment can not be less. Supporting units in the village after the understanding to the situation, organize professional personnel at the scene to see the field, of street lamp installation location, quantity and make plans, actively seek the support of all funds, investment 45 million yuan to the village 6 natural villages all install the solar street lamp. Helping units responsible person told the reporter, such as solar street lamp without electricity can lighting, but the construction cost is not low, a lamp to spend around 6000 yuan, 75 Zhanlu snuff installation fee 45 million yuan.
Street built to the local farmers to travel at night to bring a lot of convenience. Wang Fangqing the village Party branch secretary said, "before after 8 o'clock in the evening, every household to be at home do not go out, and now with the completion of the street lamp, the villagers often door-to-door La Jiachang, some poly study square dance together, neighbourhood relations better the." Wang Fangqing said that they will help the unit in helping the village for more practical things, good things. The installation of street lamps not only illuminate the road, but also to illuminate the hearts of the people, to the villagers brought true benefits.
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